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Tibet dental history project His father required him and
Dhingo Pemba Gapatsang (#23N)

Dhingo Pemba Gapatsang was created in Derge Dema in Kham in 1932. His would be a large group of 11 people that together managed both farming and nomadic activities. His father offered being an assistant to some minister from the King of Derge. Dhingo Pemba Gapatsang describes his father’s responsibilities, such as the purchase of lumber. His father required him and the siblings along on his around the district to do various responsibilities so that they could find out how to complete the job themselves. Dhingo Pemba Gapatsang explains the way the system of governance functioned in Derge.

Because the Chinese army advanced into Kham, Dhingo Pemba Gapatsang together with his father and siblings left their village to battle from the invaders. He grew to become separated from his family because they fled in the Chinese rather than saw them alive again. He feared china simply because they were appointing poor villagers as leaders and influencing these to conduct the thamzing ‘struggle sessions’ the rich, the leaders, lamas and priests.

Dhingo Pemba Gapatsang became a member of the Chushi Gangdruk Defend Tibet Volunteer Pressure and traveled completely to Lhasa. He gives a complete account of his 3-year resistant against china and just how the Chushi Gangdruk organized His Holiness the Dalai Lama’s avoid Lhasa. Dhingo Pemba Gapatsang and the horse were both hit by bullets throughout a Chinese attack, but he survived because of his protective amulet and that he was saved by another resistance fighter.

Topics Discussed:

Kham, childhood recollections, customs/traditions, government/administration, invasion by Chinese army, resistance, Dalai Lama’s escape, Chushi Gangdrug guerrillas, escape encounters.

Tibet dental history project Chinese attack, but he survived

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