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PICASSO the Wonky Dog

I saw this dog’s photo in the Porterville pet shelter and understood he’d arrive at Luvable…!!!! Then I discovered he was around the euthanasia list. Then I discovered he’d a “normal looking” brother who had been also around the euthanasia list. Both dogs have been surrendered towards the shelter by their breeder/owner.

I couldn’t imagine taking one boy and never another. Therefore we got both of them out and today they’re here, safe, at Luvable Dog Save in Or and they’re both just awesome dogs!

We named them Picasso and Pablo, and Picasso’s amazing face has received lots of attention!!!

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We’ve been swamped with offers from individuals from from coast to coast to consider these boys. We actually understand the amazing show of affection and appreciation of these special dogs!  We ask that individuals have patience with Luvable once we do our very best to reply to queries whilst ongoing to operate our Save and supply for that everyday needs famous our cats! At the moment, Picasso needs dental surgery and we wish to get him through any needed treatment and healthy before thinking about which kind of home is going to be perfect for him and Pablo. They need to go together.

Book back on the website for Picasso updates and we’ll let everybody know whenever we start taking applications!

Interesting support and passion for these amazing dogs!


Luvable Dog Rescue and our newest Rescue "Picasso!"


Victoria Litvinoff: He is so cute!!

Letícia Santos: I fall in love with him

Joe Slawa: he's such a cutie!!!!

Heddy St George: AWWW how cute is he?

yasemin kopec: What happened to this poor dog ??

Ben Dover: He was born that way.